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Many times, when walking down the street or in a hallway, I hear people using words that aren't even words. Things like "homie g" or "gradiate". I have listed words here that should never be used. It will further your ability to be understood by your peers and authority if they know what you're saying.


Gradiate: Many people seem to think this means "graduate". Well, guess what? It doesn't. If you are that lazy that you can't say every syllable with articulation then you shouldn't be allowed to speak.
Puckbunny: This is not an actual word at all. Puck is the item used in hockey on the ice. Bunny is an animal that hops around and eats cabbage.
Homie-G: There are many different words that can be used in place of this heinous word. I think the best to use is chum. Chum, chum, chum has a ring to it. Other words are friend, buddy, pal, and amigo. You could even use a fun one like comrade.
Mofo: A shortening of mother-fucker. Should never be used even in a shortened version. It is a crude and unusual way of insulting someone.
Biznitch/Bizotch/Biotch- These are all words that some people think are better then using bitch, but listen to me, it's not any less insulting, and makes you look twice as dumb.
Dick- Let's all grow up and use the anatomical word of penis. If you are not mature to use the correct term for the male reproductive organ, than you should not be using it.
Acks- Many people say, "I acksed her if she wanted to go and she said yes." No! It's wrong. Never use it. Anunciate your words well and you sound smarter.
Wanker: Don't even know what this word means, but it's not a word. Some dumb high school boy probably made it up.
Cackalater: Many people, including my biology physical science teacher, seem to think that this the word for "calculator". Au contrair my fellow grammarians.
Cackalater is a word used by a bunch of idiots who can't take the time to say the correct word. Grow up, people.
bafroom: My step-brother uses this insane word. "I need to go bafroom," he says all the time. By the way, he's going to be eleven in July.

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